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CONN Cloud Getting Started: Gateway Connector



  • Alex
    1. For customers on Gateway version 2.x, you can simply run the new Gateway installer (v 2.2.1) and it will automatically update your Gateway application. 

    its not clear:   does that mean if i re-run the installer, it will upgrade to latest version?   i have 2.2.3 running now, if i re-run the 2.2.3 installer, it will say, upgrade to 2.2.6?  (example)



  • Cassie from Solver Support

    Hi Alex, running the same version of the Gateway installer as your existing Gateway will not update the application to a newer version. You will need to run the new version of installer, which can be found in the Gateway Resources in the Cloud Marketplace, to install that specific version of Gateway.

    This bullet point is to inform users that with Gateway v2.0+, the application does not need to be manually uninstalled in Programs and Features prior to running the new installer. 

  • Alex

    Okay,makes sense now.    




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